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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Adsense Content Writing Hack

Writing Content for Adsense

Was just having a smoke with tea and ... here it is .

How to write content to get more clicks from webusers . First of all adsense must be placed near article but where exacly depends . If your visitors usually read entire article it would be good to place it under article if not ... ( bad articles :-/) on left or top is best way i think , depends on your design . I don't think ( is just a guess ) that users click on ads placed on right , remember Google triangle that GG users click on first 3-4 listings from search engine results , also now a lot of website's are 800X600 aligned to left as people mostly look there not on right .

Another thing would be what should be in article : Product reviews i think are best , as Google adsense will give you more money for a click , also i would recommend to say only good things about product . If you will write that this product it's not worth money webusers will not click on ad ( in ad will be listings to buy this product ). Another thing is not to link to another pages related to your as people will click on it to see what is there . Usually i open links i like in other tabs when reading an article and after reading it i don't click on it as i am busy to check what other pages say .

I think there is another way to write content for AdSense , this doesn't work for all pages but if thinking a little can be used a lot . Give only some information about product , just make webuser curious about it and after reading article visitor will have to click on ads for more information . I had something more in mind but can't remember , seems i will go now for another smoke to remember it .

AH! =))

I wrote about this but in another way , just will add another example for last adsense tip . EG : If you have a page with a tool ( or you can make one to pretend you have the tool but this is not good as you will get 0 (zero) natural links for this ) and visitors will want to use this tool and guess what he will see ???? Of course you will have to place some good words near adsense code also some people use images near them (in this case keep border of ad not to have problems with AS TOS and make them like images aren't placed there for adsense ) . In a future post i will put a script to show random images near adsense code on your blogs where you don't have php like this one :( but it will require a php script to run on another server with php .

Hmmm this is it for now . If something else will appear in my head i will write here . Title of this post is "Writing Content for Adsense" so i just wrote this to say goooglebot or slurp that this page is about how to write content for better Google Adsense CTR . Hope you don't mind last paragraph . Any comments are really apreciated , i will die waiting for them . ( hope not :-/ ) God bless eCPM (this is amount of $$ you earn for every 1000 impressions).


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