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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mega Adsense Earners - Tips

Mega Adsense Earners - The New Tips
Every day we hear about the "mega adsense earners". Few people are interested in who are they but most want to know how to become a one of The mega adsense earners. Below are some "how to" tips for you:
A. How to make the website
1. Dont do sites for adsense
2. Dont copy articles and content made by others
3. Try to improve the quality of your site
4. Work on oprimization
5. Offer your visitors some unique and valuable content
6. Focus on one website, building more websites will not be an easy task to promote all of the sites you will have.
B. How to promote the website
1. Quality content will promote the site for you
2. Write articles and submit them to articles directories
3. Make polls on your site
4. Offer free content, information, and services
5. Make link exchange with sites that are relevant to your content
6. Submit to free and paid directories.


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