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Friday, June 16, 2006

Where to put your Adsense ads

There are statistics about where it's best to stick PPC ads on your blog, to maximize click throughs. You've all seen the infamous Google heat map, which other PPC services also use as a guide. But my results differ slightly, from one blog to the next, and I have a theory. I have one blog that people really read and comment on. The visitors are deeply involved in that site, and close to half of them are regulars. They don't come there to be distracted by ads, and my PPC on that site doesn't do very well, really. I have some other blogs that are mostly reprint articles people use to research one topic. Then they're outta there. PPC does nicely there, in the traditional Google heat map spaces. I tried something with the blog that actually has its own interested readership - I put the ads halfway down the sidebars. According to the heat map, that's a pretty lukewarm placement. But my thinking was that it usually lands the ads at the bottom of one article and the top of the next - where people are taking a little break, and might very well respond to an ad of interest. And my PPC on the site has improved noticeably. It's hard to say for sure whether I was right. My visitor numbers have also been improving noticeably lately, so maybe that's the only reason for the change. Further experiments will see whether moving and changing my ads around frequently helps or hurts.


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